The Art of Negotiating - Part 1

Mark blends his knowledge of accounting and finance with a desire to create steadfast results for his clients.

The AON ( Art Of Negotiations) Part 1, helps us adapt to the sometimes chaotic nature of negotiations by supplementing our careful plans with creativity and flexibility.

The art of negotiating sometime start from your self by building and boosting your self esteem. by creating things that you really want to pursue in the field you are taking in. you will hear some motivations here that will help you to do things and by building your negotiation ability.


Free Consultation
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Consultation includes:

Talk to Mark Cabrera Through call/email Free Tools / Powerpoint Presentation Ask Questions Regarding Real estate
6 Month Program
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Program includes:

Seminars twice a week Coach For 6 months Determine the vision for your business Delegate your team's responsibilities.
12 Month Program
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One Year Being With Mark Coaching. Craft a unique selling proposition. Perform a competitive analysis Complete a SWOT analysis Use all effective marketing strategies.